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What can you make in an air fryer? So many things! I have to tell you. I was really hesitant to get another annoying kitchen appliance to sit on my countertop. But, this Air Fryer was one of the best things!

title image of What can you make with an air fryer with an air fryer holding a chicken

This is why I decided to start this blog. So, we can go on a journey together and see what all kinds of things we CAN make in the Air Fryer.

  • frozen meats like chicken nuggets, fish sticks, even frozen meatballs!
  • frozen veggies like sliced zucchini, mushrooms, butternut squash
  • frozen meals like pizza bites, taquitos, or even chimichangas
  • fresh potatoes into french fries
  • chicken legs into a tasty meal
  • you can even cook a whole chicken
  • and there’s just too much to list!

Heat up Leftovers!

It’s amazing at crisping up leftovers that typically get soggy heating up in a microwave. If you have leftover french fries, fried okra….well anything “fried,” it will crisp up really nice in the Air Fryer.

I set it to 400 F degrees and about 10 minutes, and just check periodically for doneness. I reheated some fried okra and it took about 3-4 minutes to crisp up and be hot and ready to eat. It tasted just like it had been made fresh!

Make Dessert!

Did you know you make a cake in the Air Fryer? I know! Much like I made a cake in the microwave, we are totally going to make a cake in the air fryer!

You can make donuts and pies (also totally making hand pies very soon!) and so much other stuff!

Let’s Get Started!

We’ll be adding recipes every few days with all kinds of stuff from breakfast to dessert!

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